Mission Statement

The mission of The Starting Place is to provide services that prevent, intervene, and treat children, teens, young adults, and families facing substance abuse and mental illness.


Every individual is confident and capable of achieving a promising future.


The Starting Place commits to upholding the following values in interactions with clients and staff:

  • Compassion is love in action, embracing the inherent value of every human being. It is the nonjudgmental, respectful acceptance of those in distress and a deep desire to see them restored to health and happiness. Compassion is the antidote for anger and negativity; it is the basis for building trust.
  • Inspiration is literally breathing in new life. It is the realization of hope, the promise of new possibilities, and the belief that recovery and mastery of life are possible—no matter what has come before.
  • Empowerment is connecting people to their strengths and giving them the tools to handle whatever comes their way. Someone who is empowered discovers and defines who s/he is and becomes that person.