The Starting Place offers an array of comprehensive services to enable children, teens, adults and their families access the help they need when they need it and be the catalyst for change in the clients and their families.

Assessment and Intake

The Starting Place’s Intake Department screens each referral and engages individuals in the assessment process to establish whether treatment at The Starting Place is appropriate and to determine the appropriate treatment program in which to place the individual, based on his or her specific needs.


Serving children, adolescents, adults and their families, The Starting Place’s outpatient services offer help to those experiencing issues with substance abuse, mental illness and/or co-occurring disorders who are willing to participate in the therapeutic process.

Comprehensive Adolescent Recovery Engagement and Empowerment (CARE) Team

This program serves adolescents ages 11 to 17 who are having significant problems with substance use/dependence, mental illness and/or co-occurring disorders and their families. The program serves as an alternative to residential treatment or a transition from residential services back into the community setting. The CARE Team provides a multifaceted approach to addressing the treatment and service needs of youth and their families. CARE Team services are provided by Individual/Family Therapists, Case Managers, Peer Specialists and Parent Advocates.

Functional Family Therapy (FFT)

Redirections — In collaboration with the Department of Juvenile Justice, this program is an “alternative to commitment,” targeting youth who have violated probation with a technical offense and are facing commitment. Functional Family Therapy is utilized to improve family functioning and reduce juvenile delinquency.

Youth Opportunities — This program is designed for youth ages 11 to 17 for in-home family counseling and addresses substance use and mental health issues, academics, health/wellness and family issues.

Court Liaison Services

The agency works closely with the various court systems in Broward County.

Misdemeanor Drug Court — Referred participants are provided with comprehensive substance abuse evaluations and treatment for those identified in need of services.

Juvenile Drug Court — The agency accepts referrals from case managers for assessment and treatment for those in need of substance abuse services. Staff provides the court with monthly updates of participants’ progress and status.

Marchman Act Court — The agency provides a liaison to this court to assist clients of all ages with assessments, various appointments and following up with treatment petitions as needed. In addition, the agency provides training to the community pertaining to the Marchman Act Court program.

Juvenile Delinquency Court and Department of Juvenile Justice — The agency works closely with DJJ by accepting referrals for clients in needs of substance abuse assessments and treatment. Staff provides the courts and JPOs with monthly status and progress reports.

Other Services

Psychiatric Services and medication management services are available to all clients enrolled in any Starting Place program. Urinalysis drug screening testing is available to all clients and non-clients seeking testing.