How long is your program?

The Starting Place, Inc. has many different programs and services. They vary in length and intensity. Our Assessment and Referral staff can help you determine which one, if any, is right for each individual.

How do I know if someone has a drug or alcohol problem?

There is no one way to tell for sure, because everyone is different, and there are many different kinds of drugs and frequency and severity of abuse. Unusual changes in moods, behavior, grooming or appearance, attitude, finances, employment or friends are possible signs. There are many others. Call (954) 327-4060 to schedule an assessment to determine whether or not a problem exists and how services might be of assistance. This assessment is in no way an obligation to further treatment. The Starting Place also offers urine drug screens on a walk-in basis for a fee.

How much does The Starting Place cost?

The Starting Place is a 501(c3) non-profit organization. Cost for services varies by program and service. The agency accepts Medicaid and other insurances. Some programs require a fee for service based on a sliding fee scale. The Starting Place is committed to making treatment possible and affordable.

Do you offer services for adults?

Yes. The Starting Place offers services to adults with substance abuse issues through its Outpatient Department. Family therapy also is offered through a number of different programs and services. An assessment can determine which ones are right for each individual and their family.

My question is still not answered.

Please call (954) 327-4060 with any questions about substance abuse, mental health issues or co-occurring disorders. Your call will be directed to the best sources of information to meet your needs.