Pediatric Associates Makes $5,000 Contribution to The Starting Place

pediatricThe Starting Place recently received a $5,000 grant from the Pediatric Associates Foundation to support its Youth Opportunities Program, which provides in-home counseling for low-income, high-risk adolescents aged 12 to 17 with substance abuse and/or mental health issues who have committed a misdemeanor juvenile offense.

The Pediatric Associates Foundation is an independent, charitable organization that raises money to provide grants to charitable organizations and programs that benefit children and youth in South Florida. As pediatricians, the group is uniquely positioned to identify areas of need in the community.

Because insurance coverage for mental health and behavioral services specifically geared for the pediatric population is minimal to non-existent, the foundation focuses its providing funding to those non-profit organizations that provide therapy and counseling to those children who are most in need.

“We thank Pediatric Associates Foundation for its contribution, and especially its vision,” said Dr. Joel Kaufman, CEO of The Starting Place. “The foundation’s leaders truly grasp the needs and issues facing our teens, and we appreciate them stepping up to help address their challenges.”